How Well Do You Listen?

Communication becomes difficult when active listening is not present. One major barrier to active listening is failure on the receiver’s end to listen without being judgemental.

Listening with a judgemental attitude oftentimes prevents the receiver from hearing key points that are being presented. To avoid this, it is recommended that active listening is first done and then the information that was received is interpreted.

An easy way to avoid failed communication is to take notes of the points from the speaker. And of course, all points or statements should be seen as important because being selective in picking out words or statements can further complicate the communication process. And if necessary, request an example or applicable scenario if a particular point is unclear. This is applicable to communication across all relationship types whether it be within the workplace, romantic, family, etc.

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One thought on “How Well Do You Listen?

  1. Listening without judging is definitely a skill that everyone should work on. Taking notes definitely helps- I do that all the time to remember better!

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