Simple Tips to Manage Stress

As many of us continue to adapt to the many stressors around us, it is necessary that we find ways to cope with these challenges. Not only do we want to cope with these challenges, but we also want to be there to help our loved ones or even just associates such as colleagues or neighbours to cope.

Typical Stressors

The stressors brought on by life itself can include:

  • Romantic relationships or the lack of it
  • Work situation or the lack of it
  • Challenges in school 
  • Commute to work or school 
  • Economic expenses or financial hardships 
  • Children
  • Sickness
  • Death
  • Etc.

Coping with Stress

The American Psychological Association list the following research backed tips to cope with stress: 

  1. Try to eliminate or reduce the stressor 
  2. Create a strong social support through friends and families
  3. Good nutrition 
  4. Muscle relaxation through stretches, massage and warm baths 
  5. Meditation through focusing on the present and mindfulness exercises
  6. Protect your sleep 😴 by avoiding screens before bedtime, as well as avoiding alcohol and caffeine in the afternoon and at night.
  7. Exercising also helps with sleep. Thirty minutes of physical activity daily will not only boost the body physically but will help to create a happier mood and better sleep at night.
  8. Nature time in green spaces.
  9. Do not drop pleasurable or leisure activities due to stress. Though it may be difficult it is important that you continue to have leisurely activities.
  10. Reframe thoughts as much as possible to avoid sinking into a depressive mood. 
  11. Seek professional help when needed.

And my personal tip is that when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, take a few minutes to identify the reason or reasons for that mood. Once you’ve identified the reason/stressor, take several minutes to identify possible solutions or coping methods.

Another useful way is to discuss this issue with a close friend or family member who is high on emotional intelligence or document issue and all possible solutions in a journal. And if you’re spiritual, pray 🙏🏽 about it and seek guidance. Once the stress is nearing an unmanageable level, seek help from a trained or licensed therapist, medical doctor or trained religious leader. But never be afraid to seek help.

What is your preferred coping strategy when feeling stressed? Do you have a go to person or place to help with managing stress?

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  1. Nutrition and exercise really do make up a huge chunk of my positive mental health. I now go out of my way to make sure those are on point, because once those crumble, then I become so much more vulnerable to stress. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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