Is Your Audience in Control?

Are you making decisions for yourself or for the onlookers/audience who may or may not care about how you are really feeling? The audience should have an insignificant say in how you live (even in instances when you are earning from what you share). So as you live, try to be authentically happy. Avoid living your lives for the audience/onlookers and instead live your lives in such a way that you are happy when the lights are off, the camera isn’t out and the audience isn’t there.

With goals in mind and wanting to live a fulfilling life, avoid using the time left to please an audience and instead just live. The right audience or people will love you for who you really are.

Live not caring about what the camera is capturing or what will be there for the audience to view. A genuine audience will love you for being your real self, authentically happy with cameras on or off and not some made-up persona. If you’re living with the intention to please or gain an audience, and when the lights are off you’re another sad person, then you urgently need to reconsider and change how you’re living.

Do things your way, for your own authentic happiness whether the lights are on or off. With psychological illnesses on the rise, my advice to you is to just live for yourself and forget about the audience. There is no denying that many people aren’t genuinely happy. And sometimes it is so because they are not living as their real or authentic self. Be yourself and the people who really love you will stick around or find you.

What about you, are you in control? 

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