Getting Ready For that Online Work or Business Meeting

Here are a few reasons you may not want to jump from your bed and go straight into that online work or meeting:

  • Getting dressed or even partially for work reminds/informs others within your household that you are at work or conducting business. and unavailable to them.

Feeding the Senses 

Feeding your senses can regulate your emotions/feelings which can have an impact on your thought processes and behaviour.

  • Proper attire (not necessarily office wear) puts you in the frame of mind for work, to be productive, engage in meaningful dialogue etc. Your attire oftentimes determines your posture, and attitude and could even impact your language and how you speak. For example, if you want to have a lazy and unproductive workday, just remain in your sleepwear.
  • Wear a splash of your favourite office cologne or perfume. Funny as it may appear, wearing a good cologne or perfume will quickly put you in a positive frame of mind. With a positive frame of mind, you are all set to interact with your colleagues or business partners.

woman working at home and making video call on laptop

Good Hygiene

  • Well, I shouldn’t need to list it, but try having a bath or shower before starting your workday or entering that meeting. Especially after a long night of sleep or rest, one of the easiest ways to feel awake and ready to start the day is by enjoying a good shower or bath. Adding your favourite soap or bath gel will also lift your mood and help you to get ready to have a productive and healthy workday.
  • A clean mouth (yes brush and gargle before starting work), will allow you to enjoy your own breath, speak when necessary and feel awake.

Getting in the Mood and Energised

  • Now, most people enjoy a habit that gets them ready to have a good workday. Working from home is not a reason to lose that habit once it is a good one. After all, you still need to get your mind and body ready to have the best workday. So still have your cup of favourite coffee, tea or juice, morning exercise, listen to your favourite podcast, playlist, radio station, read/listen to that chapter, etc. But whatever is your good habit, don’t lose it because you’re online or at home.
  • And if you are going to do all the things listed above to get your mind and body ready for work, it means that you will need to set your alarm. So, set your alarm to go off at a reasonable time. This will allow you to do a few things that you may want to enjoy and to prepare yourself for the workday.

And I could list many other things that you need to do to create a positive frame of mind and to get your body energised and ready for work especially if you work within a professional setting but I won’t. I will just close by adding, always be prepared to turn your camera on whilst engaged in online work or meetings.

What is your favourite way to create a positive mindset for online work/meetings?

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3 thoughts on “Getting Ready For that Online Work or Business Meeting

  1. Awesome Reading!
    I am in total agreement with all that have been said in this article. I Do encourage others who aspire to be successful with their online jobs etc. to dutifully follow, as suggested.
    No wonder that my students and parents excelled with online teaching/learning.
    Great Writing! Keep it up, Stacy.

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