Improving Your Attachment Style

Persons who find themselves being anxious or avoidant in their relationships can take steps to develop a secure attachment style to form and maintain healthy adult relationships.
These include:

  1. An understanding of the past and the possible impact that early upbringing now have on current behaviour. If negatives are found, try to work on them to reach closure. Depending on the extent of it professional help may be needed.
  1. Try self-help guides, and books, listen to inspirational speakers, document your understanding of what happened and how it made you feel, etc.
  1. Do some introspection to understand your current attachment style and identify how it is impacting your current adult relationships.
  1. What type of people you are attracted to or that you attract? Are you attracting persons who can offer a secure attachment style in the relationship? Or have you been seeking out persons who are more anxious or avoidant in their relationships?
  1. Work on improving your self-esteem.
  1. Learn to identify your feelings and express them.
  1. Reduce and eventually avoid toxic relationships.
  1. Create healthy relationships.
  1. Love yourself unconditionally.

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