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Improving Your Attachment Style

Persons who find themselves being anxious or avoidant in their relationships can take steps to develop a secure attachment style to form and maintain healthy adult relationships. These include: An understanding of the past and the possible impact that early upbringing now have on current behaviour. If negatives are found, try to work on them…

Attachment Styles and Your Relationship

Have you ever dated someone and wondered why he or she seems so secure, avoidant, anxious, etc in their interactions with you?

A Beautiful View and a Positive Mindset.

Why Not Celebrate?

So this time of the year is my absolute favourite as I love the Christmas season. The usual stressors will be there and perhaps some new ones but I just can’t help being extremely happy. Why am I happy one may wonder so I’ll list them below: 1. I celebrate the birth of Christ and…


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Hi, I’m Stacy. Welcome to Stay C Connections! Having studied Psychology up to the Master’s level, I have a keen interest in human behaviour. I have also spent more than 15 years working in banking and customer experience at one of Jamaica’s foremost financial institutions. Maintaining a healthy balance in life can be challenging but it is possible to Stay Calm, Cool and Collected…at least most of the times. My hope is that this blog will help you to STAY C!

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