Getting Ready For that Online Work or Business Meeting


Here are a few reasons you may not want to jump from your bed and go straight into that online work or meeting: Getting dressed or even partially for work reminds/informs others within your household that you are at work or conducting business. and unavailable to them. Feeding the SensesĀ  Feeding your senses can regulate … Continue reading Getting Ready For that Online Work or Business Meeting

Is Your Audience in Control?

Are you making decisions for yourself or for the onlookers/audience who may or may not care about how you are really feeling? The audience should have an insignificant say in how you live (even in instances when you are earning from what you share). So as you live, try to be authentically happy. Avoid living … Continue reading Is Your Audience in Control?

Calming Your Anxiety


With the challenges brought on by the covid-19 pandemic, war, political instability, recession, inflation, supply issues, etc., many people are feeling more stressed. In addition, we also have our other personal issues such as family problems, situations at work or school, illnesses, etc. In an effort to fight or respond to feeling stressed some persons … Continue reading Calming Your Anxiety

Toxic Workplace?


Nobody wants to be a part of a workplace that is toxic; well except for those individuals who thrive in toxic relationships and environments. In an effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle it is also essential that our workplace is psychologically healthy. The workplace forms a major part of our life based on time spent … Continue reading Toxic Workplace?

Simple Tips to Manage Stress


As many of us continue to adapt to the many stressors around us, it is necessary that we find ways to cope with these challenges. Not only do we want to cope with these challenges, but we also want to be there to help our loved ones or even just associates such as colleagues or … Continue reading Simple Tips to Manage Stress

Burnout and You


Burnout is being increasingly used, especially in fast paced cultures and chances are it is being used by you to describe how you're currently feeling. But how can you know or at least have an idea that what you're experiencing is burnout and not something else? Some of the most common symptoms of burnout ( … Continue reading Burnout and You