Attachment Styles and Your Relationship

Have you ever dated someone and wondered why he or she seems so secure, avoidant, anxious, etc in their interactions with you?

Do You Know Your Partner’s Main Love Language?


Chances are that you know your main love language and can easily inform other persons what your love language is while also offering explanations and examples.  But it is not always about you. As important as it is to know your love language, wouldn’t you agree that it is just as important to know and … Continue reading Do You Know Your Partner’s Main Love Language?

In Love to the Point of Madness


So i recently came across a post on a social media platform which suggests that to be totally in love one must feel some sort of madness. I subsequently shared same with a few persons who were quite annoyed at it and believed that it was far from so. Responses received were like "Huh", "That's … Continue reading In Love to the Point of Madness

Opposites Attract or Not?


In pursuit of a lasting union or marriage many aspire to find the ideal wife or husband. The ideal wife based on the socialization of most men is perhaps the woman who gives the appearance that she's ready for and groomed for such a relationship. She is also seen as the woman who is able … Continue reading Opposites Attract or Not?