Improving Your Attachment Style

Persons who find themselves being anxious or avoidant in their relationships can take steps to develop a secure attachment style to form and maintain healthy adult relationships. These include: An understanding of the past and the possible impact that early upbringing now have on current behaviour. If negatives are found, try to work on them … Continue reading Improving Your Attachment Style

Is Your Audience in Control?

Are you making decisions for yourself or for the onlookers/audience who may or may not care about how you are really feeling? The audience should have an insignificant say in how you live (even in instances when you are earning from what you share). So as you live, try to be authentically happy. Avoid living … Continue reading Is Your Audience in Control?

Dealing with the Narcissist in Your Life


We talk about them a lot, they are everywhere whether it be in our families, homes, friends, schools, workplace, social circles, etc. Though we would want to we can’t always avoid having some sort of relationship with them. So, what this means is that we should be able to at least identify them and know … Continue reading Dealing with the Narcissist in Your Life

Simple Tips to Manage Stress


As many of us continue to adapt to the many stressors around us, it is necessary that we find ways to cope with these challenges. Not only do we want to cope with these challenges, but we also want to be there to help our loved ones or even just associates such as colleagues or … Continue reading Simple Tips to Manage Stress