Toxic Workplace?

Nobody wants to be a part of a workplace that is toxic; well except for those individuals who thrive in toxic relationships and environments. In an effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle it is also essential that our workplace is psychologically healthy. The workplace forms a major part of our life based on time spent … Continue reading Toxic Workplace?

Burnout and You

Burnout is being increasingly used, especially in fast paced cultures and chances are it is being used by you to describe how you're currently feeling. But how can you know or at least have an idea that what you're experiencing is burnout and not something else? Some of the most common symptoms of burnout ( … Continue reading Burnout and You

In Love to the Point of Madness

So i recently came across a post on a social media platform which suggests that to be totally in love one must feel some sort of madness. I subsequently shared same with a few persons who were quite annoyed at it and believed that it was far from so. Responses received were like "Huh", "That's … Continue reading In Love to the Point of Madness

How Well Do You Listen?

Communication becomes difficult when active listening is not present. One major barrier to active listening is failure on the receiver's end to listen without being judgemental. Listening with a judgemental attitude oftentimes prevents the receiver from hearing key points that are being presented. To avoid this, it is recommended that active listening is first done … Continue reading How Well Do You Listen?